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Lots and lots of sunshine dots!

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One of our favourite trends, both during spring and summer, was that sweet little polka dot! Every year, the pattern sparkles endlessly in the sunshine, only drifting as the Autumn leaves begin to fall! Polka dots are one of my favourite patterns, especially when I want to embrace that innocent 1950’s sweetheart-look; the one that none of us can deny is truly beautiful. In this post, I want to explore some of my favourite polka dot garments that are pirouetting happily in our high-streets.

New Look’s Floral and Spot Edition

This combination twisted our two favourite spring-time trends together and helped create a beautiful collection, that’s perfect for all those girls searching for that ‘jeans and a nice top’ dream!

That pop of orange illuminates those polka dots, and adds a sense of whimsy and playfulness to the look. Much like our favourite 1950s polka dot midi skirts, this piece is a statement, and can be paired with the simplest pair of jeans and gentle wedges. Accessories can shimmer alongside it, acting like a beautiful harmony that elevates the lead singer, without overshadowing her. Maybe a sweet gold could pick-up the shimmering undertones of the orange flowers in the top to help keep you sparkling all day long.

More beautiful New Look polka dots here

H&M’s simple Polka Dot collection

Sometimes, simplicity is best. We’re all eager to find the biggest statement pieces we can and scream above the crowds, but sometimes, we all need a relaxing, simple number for those quieter days.

These pieces by H&M are the secret gems we’ve all been looking for. Polka dots have been a loved trends for years, so why not follow its traditional colour and style? The first top is perfect for those lazy beach days, where we want to snuggle down with a nice book  under the sunlight without much interruption. With it’s subtle ruffles and peplum hem, this piece is perfect for portraying that sweet, playful innocence we long to rekindle!

But if you’re searching for a little more sophistication, then H&M’s trousers are a beautiful gift just for you! These trousers are perfect for those summer-work-days, and can easily be unwinded with a little more bling for a blissful evening at your favourite restaurant. White shirt-perfect, red shirt-exquisite; a colour heel, go for it! These trousers are the secret weapon you’ve been searching for to help unveil your inner fashion-diva.

More beautiful H&M polka dots here

Dorothy Perkins’ Frilly White Dress

Polka dot dresses are a true weakness of mine, especially when they are teamed with frills! This Dorothy Perkins’ dress is playful and casual, yet sophisticated all at once! For a casual summer’s lunch, to a flashy event; this dress would do wonders! With just a simple switch of the shoe, and a bobble or two, you’ll be ready for anything! As shown in the picture, this dress allows you to be creative with colour! A bright clutch, be it red, yellow or green, would look breathtaking with this dress, and can transform your entire image. (Don’t forget, a bright red, or pink, lip would look gorgeous with this look!)

More Dorothy Perkins polka dots here

But it’s not just clothes! You can find almost anything in polka dot if you wish, be it a notebook, shoes, a handbag, earrings, pyjamas; anything! Just smile, find what you love, and buy it! Be brave, be beautiful, be you!



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Midnight Wishes and Lipstick Kisses: part one!

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We’re all guilty of desperately scouring the shelves of Superdrug in search of the perfect shade of pink lipstick to compliment our favourite dress. Reds and plums glimmer under the store light; a vibrant controversial shade sending our heads spinning in wondrous thought-but how truly important is lipstick to our outfits?

Previously, one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to lipstick was coating it over my lips before even considering which outfit to wear, and most of the time, that shade was  just not perfect. I used to try to visualise an outfit in my head too, but we all know that when we over glorify our once favourite skirt, it never lives up to our dreams, leaving both us, and our lipstick, in despair.

Now, I understand how important lipstick is to any look! Be it a glamour night out, or a snuggly evening under the starlight, lipstick can help elevate your entire mood, and take you into a world of colour!

Ruby Kiss

Red lipstick is a guilty pleasure of mine. Worn by one of my favourite artists, Taylor Swift, it helps showcase a hidden diva that, deep down, is within us all. As cliché as it may sound, wearing red lipstick gives me more confidence, and helps bring a bright smile onto my lips (when I’m not constantly running my tongue along my teeth in fear of a red splotch, that is).

One of my favourite patterns to combine red lipstick with is black and white polka dots. We’re all used to seeing a simple polka dot dress paired with a bright, dangly pair of statement earrings, or with a vibrant pair of heels! It’s one of the simplest fashion trends, and yet year after year, we still see it splattered across magazines, because it is simply beautiful! It makes a statement without being garish, and helps even the shyest of people sing above the crowd. Sometimes, fashion is best when it’s simple and traditional, much like red lipstick itself.

Why not peck a little red lip onto a full-black outfit; why not capture the hidden swirls of your outfit in your ruby kiss; why not keep your clothes simple and let your lips shine this summer?!

Also, don’t be afraid to be ‘matchy-matchy’. The fashion world doesn’t always kindly welcome it, but it can’t deny that the perfect shade of red lips, with a vibrant heel or clutch, is beautiful.

I’ve constantly heard people say ‘I don’t suit red lipstick’ or ‘I’m not confident enough to wear it’, but why not? There is so many shades available for every girl! What about a  dark shade for an evening look with a cherry undertone? Or a bright strawberry for those shimmering girls who long to be lounging on the beach? Or a traditional ruby for those glamorous date nights (why wouldn’t you want your lips to match that beautiful bouquet of roses you’ve been hinting about for three months?) The most important trait that all women should have is confidence! So just let loose and go for it! Be brave, be beautiful, be you!

Remember: lipstick should always compliment an outfit, never distract from it. If you have a statement shirt, or a powerful midi, maybe stick to more neutral tones for your lipstick to ensure you shine the brightest!

My favourite red lipstick?-Avon! 

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Raindrops on Roses

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Roses are simply beautiful. They’re pure, sweet; filled with undeclared romances and lustful passion. They’re there on your first date and make you smile when you’re down; they bloom in your garden, and smile sweetly in your hair. This time, they’re singing beautifully on a tulle skirt.


This skirt is one in a million; a hidden treasure I found shimmering in the back of New Look, begging to be worn; begging for the world to see its beauty.

It’s large tulle body falls beautifully over my hips, landing just above the knee for a classy look. It is a statement, so be sure to wear it sensibility, and not drown it in the oceans of your accessories. Just simple jewellery, either gold or silver, would harmonies beautifully with this gem, helping all eyes remain on its elegant twirl. A simple black top will do the job, tucking nicely into its large, elastic, and extremely comfortable, waist.

Shoes, keep them simple. Red heels or black would be perfect for a fancy event, especially if your toes are peaking out, whilst sweet little flats would bounce you around the streets, before settling you into a quickly little café for some afternoon tea.



Your hair can run free and wild, mimicking the movements of its gentle flow, or it can be tied tightly in a low bun to sprinkle a little elegance onto your outfit.

With your makeup you can transform your look from sweet and playful with a little pink lip, to elegant and flirty with a red kiss and a little feline eyeliner flick. And don’t be afraid to add a little glitter, be it a glittery eyeshadow or a shimmering highlighter; anything that will help you glisten under the starlight. Just don’t overdo it; compliment the outfit and make it shine.

Thank you for reading this article! Please be sure to check out my pervious articles!

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Put it in the Paper Bag!

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Paper bag, oh paper bag, you’re kind to me. You tuck me in, hide my bumps, and help me feel free! You’re versatile, often bright, but mostly soft and sweet; and I won’t forget, when work is done, you’ll kindly play with me.

Work, Work, Work

If you’re working endlessly, day in and day out, and are sick of tight cigarette trousers that leave you fidgeting all day, then why not try a little paper bag waist? I know a simple pair of black cigarette trousers are an absolute must in the world of working fashion, because they’re simple, sweet, and easy to accessories and transform each day, but paper bag trousers can sometimes sparkle like a shimmer of hope in the back of your wardrobe. The super high waist of these trousers lets me move with ease, leaving the worries of bending and stretching behind me (for the day at least). The tie waist helps hug that tiny waist of yours, and the ruffled edges hides last night’s treats from the world. More so, the simple colour and pattern allows these trousers to be easily paired with almost any work-friendly top, and I enjoy pairing them with this loose shirt that helps sprinkle a little playfulness onto my day.



Slay N’ Play

Now, time to relax with a little white t-shirt with one of your favourite things splattered across it. Me, I love Harry Potter and Primark prices, so I’ve opted to pair these trousers with this sweet tee. Tie it up, tuck it in; either way, this little t-shirt makes you feel all sweet and relaxed, perfect for a spontaneous lunch date to let’s say Taco Bell? (Maybe bring a napkin or two just in case). A little pair of white converse offers another batch of relaxation, helping you do (another) 15 laps of New Look with ease. And why not add a backpack for even more cuteness? They are my go-to bags; they’re handy, practical and so sweet! (and perfect for storing sneaky little snacks).



Simplicity please!

What is better than a simple crop-top for those warm summer days? A pair of paper bag trousers to go with it! Let that belly play peak-a-boo with a tight crop top and a loose pair of trousers and let your hair down! Beach day? Sorted. Brunch date? Sorted. Random trip to the Aquarium? Sorted. This little outfit covers almost every base and can easily be styled up or down depending on your mood. A backpack and trainers; a pair of boots and a leather jacket; a pair of wedges and some cheeky accessories? Just do it and you’ll feel unstoppable!


And as always, thank you for reading my blog! Stay fashionable; stay bubbly and happy, and remember to always smile! Feeling bored? How about another post?

Trousers: H&M, Shirt: H&M, White t-shirt: Primark, Crop top: Boohoo.


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A Little Advice

I know I’m not a professional, but I do know a trick or two which could help you out!


I hate it when you’ve just tucked your top tightly into your trousers/skirt, but suddenly, before you’ve even exhaled, your top is ruffling back out of the shirt giving you all sorts of unflattering lines! My tip: grab the edge of your top and the bottom of your underwear and hold them tightly, then get a little hair pin and slip it upwards, pinning your top and underwear together! This hopefully should stop your top from rising and moving about throughout the day, giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of!


If you are like me and your thighs enjoy intimately embracing with every step, then you’ve experienced the awful feeling of chafing. A simple trick I’ve learned it to buy just a cheap pair of running shorts and pop them on beneath your skirt or dress to avoid the intense agony of chafing! Moreover, this helps you feel more comfortable when wearing little dresses, or skater skirts that blow wildly in the wind.


I love a bright red lip, but they so easily smudge and dissolve throughout the day, and sometimes we all leave the lipstick lying in the middle of our chaotic beauty desks. To help your lipstick stay on throughout the day, just apply a little bit of powder over the first layer, then add the second coat, before concluding with another little kiss of powder over the top! (and be sure to kiss a tissue or two before you leave to stop you looking like you’ve just munched on a poor human).


Here’s some tips that make me sound like a mother; always bring a jacket, even if it’s toasty outside, always bring a bobble or two tied with a few hair pins in case that wind is a little too strong, and always remember to smile! You never know who you might meet.


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Did someone say Work Experience Ensemble? Well here it is anyway!

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Work experience, a dreaded welcoming into the real, working world; a reminder of why we decided to spent thousands of pounds each year on university. But they are never that bad and can be very beneficial and even fun if you are brave enough to delve into the depth of the workplace. A great way to make work experience less terrifying? -clothes. We all know that a great outfit can make us feel unstoppable; make us feel happy and bubbly before we’ve even spoken a word. It gives us confidence, a little boost, to help us dominate the day and come out gleaming on the other side! And here’s how I dressed for my work experience.

You’ve got this in the Paper bag

Paper bag waists are my favourite cut on both trousers and skirts as they help add illusion to your figure by tightening your waist and hiding all the little bumps that may have appeared along the way. They elongate your body and work well with a variety of tops; t-shirts, blouses, off-the-shoulder tops and more! For my work experience, I paired these chequered trousers with three black tops to help subtly spice up each day.

First, A simple black t-shirt, because why not? It’s comfy, it’s classy; and it’s easy to wear throughout the whole day! Maybe not the most outrageous item of clothing ever, put sometimes subtly is best! Be subtle one day and loud the next, then you won’t be the only one having fun with your fashion!


The photo does not do the shirt justice, but I never did quite master the art of photography. Either way, this sheer top with an oversized ruffle is one of my favourite shirts, as it combines class and elegance with a little bit of sauciness, helping you feel fierce all day! (For an evening look, I match this shirt with just a black bra beneath and some black jeans to help me sparkle under the starlight).


And finally, a clash! Polka dots, as you’ve come to notice, are something I adore, especially when they’re black and white. This clash isn’t over the top, due to the colour paring, making it easy to wear, yet still show-stopping . I always tie my hair tight with a combo like this just to let the clothes sing for themselves!


Mini Pini

Pinafore’s, you have to love them. They hold that cute, innocent charm, reminding us of when we were tiny toddles bouncing about and giggling wildly at a banana. But they are also perfect for work experience if you sprinkle a little sophistication onto your outfit.

This cream shirt from H&M is light, bright and adorable, perfect for even the dreariest of days. Despite the bow being a little tough to tie perfectly, this top is comfortable, and it’s cut makes it easy to move about in, letting you grasp at anything you desire. The pinafore, which is not as comfortable or forgiving, is still cute, and that short skirt is easily balanced with a pair of black tights and a pair of little Mary Jane’s that I adore! Just please, no excessive bending in this dress.


I also tried another clash, just to see how far I can push this pinafore. I believe it will work well with almost any shirt, with its low drop front allowing more than enough wiggle room for any pattern! I’ll admit, this particular shirt is perhaps more autumn-y, but it’s floral and fun, so why not!


Blazer it up!

Yes, I used that pun again, but it takes you straight to the point! This blazer is made with a stretch material, giving you comfort and a lot of well-deserved breathing room. It’s so easy to wear and doesn’t ruffle too tightly around the shoulder’s like a lot of blazers do! I can mix and match this blazer with almost any black top for almost any occasion! Just a little tweak here and there, and few more twinkles, then you’re ready for a night time adventure!



Finding the perfect skirt can be hard, especially when it comes to work. Some are too tight, some too frilly; other’s far too skater-y for formality. But this skirt is definitely a winner. Despite it embracing my belly a little too tightly, this skirt shapes my hips beautifully, hiding that irritating hip dip that I’m sure many of you despise just as much as me! That cute frilly bottom drops the skirt perfectly to the knee and allows a lot of wiggle room for you to move about, not like most fitted skirts that are handcuffed to your legs! (the frills are also super cute!)  It’s a simple skirt, yet it sings so beautifully, allowing you to strip back in just a simple black tee for extra comfort. A slight drop earring would be beautiful with this ensemble too, helping add a little sparkle to your outfit.


Hope you enjoyed that little article! Please check out my other articles, they aren’t that bad, I promise!

Paper bag trousers: H&M, Black shirt: H&M, Black t-shirt: F&F, Cream shirt: H&M, Blazer: H&M, Pinafore: New Look, Floral Shirt: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Polka dot shirt, Primark.



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Dress! Dress! Dress! And more Dresses!

Feature image 

Welcome to round two of ‘I’m a little bit too obsessed with dresses, but they’re so pretty’. Please excuse all cringeworthy poses; they felt right at the time. First up, flowers!


Flower overload



This dress is definitely a bee’s favourite. Covered in colourful flowers, this dress is adorable, and can make you feel absolutely smitten. The colour-fade from white to blue is beautiful, making it perfect for a cute brunch date. Paired with a denim jacket, this dress sings ‘take me to a coffee shop for some tea and cake’, and that’s exactly what I want when I wear it. Despite a few fit flaws, like a very tight top and a dropped waist, this dress is almost perfect, and these issues can be handled almost with ease. Paring it with a little brown belt will help rise that waist and could be matched sweetly with a little brown pair of boots. Just be sure to let dresses as busy as this speak for themselves. No outrageous accessories or jewellery and stick to neutral colours!

My rating: 8/10


Another bouquet of flowers




As you can see, I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with flowers. This next navy dress is covered in tiny white flowers, taking a more subtle spin on my favourite trend. Although more ideal for winter with its thick, woollen material, this dress can still shine in the summer. A summery shoe and jacket can take you away from the snow and splash you into summer! This dress, much like the last, does not need much accessorising, and even just a subtle pair of studs would do the job. It falls nicely with its A-line shape, and hugs your chest tightly, which I guess is a benefit. It’s just simply sweet, flowery and cosy.

My rating: 7/10


Pretty in Pink



This one is an old treasure I found buried within the fiery depth of Primark and it has been shimmering in my wardrobe ever since. Its youthful look takes me back to my childhood when I was obsessed with cute little collars and demanded everything, I owned had one. Lucky for me, collars are still in style. This peachy dress flows beautifully and is light on my body, perfect for breezy days. The detailed lace patterns along the top kisses elegance onto the dress, and is balanced beautifully with the bare skirt. Matched with a simple pair of white wedges (in my defence, the wedges are cute), this dress sings for itself, and wouldn’t need many harmonies. Maybe a silver band and some shimmering studs would do the job.

My rating: 7/10


Paisley galore



Ah paisley, how very vibrant you are…I adore you.  I think paisley adds a little flare of creativity to your dress and can definitely leave a few heads turning. Much like most of my dresses, this dress speaks for itself…It screams above the clouds, and bangs against all the windows, but in a good way. It’s effortless to wear, just like an oversized shirt dress, but this dress has a little elastic waist that you pull as tight as you like, and tie neatly in a little bow. It’s silk, which is a little clammy in the heat and it can feel a little short at times, which is why I often find myself wearing it on cool days with a simple pair of black tights. Maybe more appropriate for autumn and a little plum lip, however, don’t shy away from experimenting with this paisley dress in the summer too! Maybe just on colder days though.

My rating: 7/10


Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee




This dress is quite unique with its oversized bell sleeves that mimic that of a butterfly. This makes the dress perfect for summer as, despite having long sleeves, the light fabric allows you to feel cool throughout the day. The elastic band makes your waist look ity-bity, especially with the gentle puff of the skirt, which falls just above my knees. (Bonus: it’s very comfortable and easy to wear all day every day, regardless of what you might get up to). Once again, minimal accessories work best with this dress. Try and avoid necklaces and wear elegant studs to sprinkle a little shimmer onto your outfit.

My rating: 8/10

Just be brave; buy statement dresses that’ll help you shimmer and sparkle all summer long. It’s the best season to experiment with bright colours and patterns, so be free! None of these dresses cost a lot, and they’re all completely different! Find one you love, buy it, wear it and most importantly, enjoy it! You can thank me later.

Dress one: Oasis. Dress Two: Next. Dress Three: Primark. Dress Four: Boohoo. Dress Five: New Look.

Please check out my previous post! And maybe this one. Or this one. How about this one? Thank you all!

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Dress! Dress! Dress!…That is all

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Dresses have always been one of our most loved items. Little black dresses bring class and elegance to our outfits, whilst beautiful, flowing white gowns welcome us into a new life. They hold memories, reminding us of our first proms, gliding us into graduation; into even our first job! Sometimes, they even just offer a little bit of fun! In this two-part blog post I want to showcase a few dresses I found hidden in my wardrobe through dressing myself up and taking some rather questionable mirror selfies. Hopefully the advice fairs better!

Beware: no makeup was worn during the process.

Hello, once again, yellow

If you know me, or follow my blog, you’ll know I have a slight obsession with the colour yellow. The colour brings so much joy, and makes me feel unstoppable, especially when that colour is splashed over a beautiful dress. Although matched with the same pair of little white wedges, these dresses are completely different.

The first one, a little floaty number, is slightly more pastel, and drops with no shape, which isn’t always a bad thing. With peaking shoulders and legs, my figure is still able to show, stopping me from looking entirely frumpy. Sometimes, if you want a shapelier feel, a small brown belt can help bring in your waist, giving you an hourglass shape. (A little pair of brown sandals would look sweet and match cutely with that little brown belt).  I decided to pair this dress with a woven jacket. Although not very warm, and I’d hate to find out what tan lines would look like, this jacket adds a little more charm to the outfit, giving off some classic festival vibes.

My rating: 7/10

The second yellow number, which is laced with navy and blue flowers, is a total contrast to the first, and gives a slightly more sophisticated kiss, despite its youthful pattern. The long cut of this dress hides all the parts I’d rather not display and is perfect for those extra breezy summer days. (and the A-line drop means it won’t be blown up a little too high for comfort). The small tie around the waist helps add illusion to your figure, giving you that hourglass look with ease. I enjoy the subtle V neckline as I can keep it high, or I can match it with a push-up bra (and a lot of tape) to add more…maturity, let’s say. Although sleeveless, the ruffled sides hide my arms from the front; an area I’d rather be covered, helping me feel confident and content in this dress.

My rating: 8/10

The cheeky V’s

Now, if you’re like me and hate spending hours trying to make your boobs look perky in a dropped neckline…maybe you shouldn’t do what I did and buy not one, but two of these deep V dresses. Despite adoring the dresses, I often find myself pinning the dress a little, so I don’t have to start searching endlessly for the perfect push-up bra. The dresses are both made with stretch material, helping emphasise your shape; although this means they’re slightly unforgiving on your little lumps. This issue is helped by the tie waists, which also helps enhance that hourglass look. The patterns, however, are very desirable.

The polka dot dress is perfect if you are desperate to fulfil one of this season’s favourite trends. Matched with a pair of little white wedges (which you’ll come to realise are paired with most dresses, maybe due to a little laziness), I’ve left freedom to bring a bright vibrant colour into your outfit. Personally, I would match this dress with red or yellow drop earrings and tie my hair tight so that they can glisten in the sunlight. Almost any colour can be paired beautifully with this dress; a bright red heel, a pastel clutch, a pair of green drop earrings; anything can work, especially if you’re off on a night out! One of the benefits to this dress is it works perfectly for breakfast, lunch and dinner; just change the shoe and you’re ready for anything.

My rating: 6/10

Differently, the floral black and pink dress is much more of a daytime look, although a little black heel could work well in a nightclub. Flowers are one of Spring and Summer’s traditional trends, and the little specks of pink kiss a cuteness onto the whole look. Simple jewellery would work well with this outfit, especially silver, and can take you on a trip to classy land! Beware of the bees though; they are just as obsessed with flowers as the rest of us.

My rating: 5/10



To be continued…

Dress One: Tesco, F&F. Dress Two: Tesco, F&F. Dress Three: Boohoo. Dress Four: Tesco, F&F

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Fashion Queen Rachel Green

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Anniston in the hit U.S. sitcom F.r.i.e.n.d.s, has always peaked our interests, and not only because of her storylines. Her fashion is still widley spoken about today, with her miniskirts, dungarees and sultry dresses all still at the back of our minds. In this mini article, I want to explore some of her most memorable outfits, whilst taking note of how these trends are back in our High Streets once again.

The Wedding Gown

From the very first scene, Rachel had us gasping as she showcased an elaborate wedding gown that exuberated her classic and feminine beauty. Her princess gown, and intricate head piece, introduced the iconic Rachel Green, highlighting some of her most memorable traits. It showed her upbringing and wealth, with the extravagant embellishments, and its sweet princes cut highlighted her classic ‘girl-next-door’ image, giving us a little taster of all Miss Green had in store for us.

The dress holds a subtle ‘v’ neckline, which is beautifully balanced with the soft, off-the-shoulder sleeves, creating an alluring, yet elegant appearance. The pleating of the skirt adds power to her shape, complimenting the fitted bodes perfectly, helping showcase her petite form. Despite being 25 years since she first graced that gown, designers across the world still adore that classic shape, with dresses much like that, I’ll be it a bit more modern, being displayed countlessly across the globe.

Mini Skirts

Just like a whole lot of women, Rachel adored a sweet mini skirt, and showcased the piece on numerous occasions throughout the series. One of her favourite skirts of mine was a red and white checked wrapped mini skirt, which she paired beautifully with a white turtle neck and knee-high socks. Although a youthful skirt, her styling has taken her to the classy side. She’s balanced the shortness of the skirt perfectly with the length of her socks and the high neckline of her jumper, helping elevate her entire outfit. That subtle drop earring has also kissed elegance onto her outfit and is contrasted beautifully with the messy-playfulness of her hair. Although we are in our spring months and slowly creeping into summer, this skirt can still be brought into our wardrobes. A simple tee, be it plain or printed with a logo, would do wonders for this outfit, and would complement those little knee-high socks we all love. Add a pair of trainers and a leather jacket and you will be golden for those cooler spring evenings.

Don’t forget, Rachel also has one essential element that most girls crave in their wardrobe: a simple black mini skirt. This little treasure can work with almost any item for almost any season and is the perfect way to help you showcase one of your favourite pieces. Rachel has paired it with a casual denim shirt and messy bun, a white shirt for work, and even a few simple tees, all of which are perfect examples of the wonderous black mini. For spring, why not match it with one of this season’s trends. A striped or spotty shirt and knee-high boots, a white logo tee and trainers, or anything that’s sweet and floral with some plaits. Experiment until your heart is content!

Denim Queen

For years, we have all been obsessed with denim, be it jeans, skirts or a sweet oversized shirt, and Rachel Green is no exception. On more than one occasion, we’ve ogled at Rachel’s mesmerising denim ensembles, with a particular favourite of mine being her light denim dungarees. Matched with a simple black and white tee, Rachel has showcased how easy it is to look casually chic in a pair of dungarees. These denim beauties are perfect for spring and can easily be paired with a delicate floral blouse or a polka dot shirt but be sure not too wear anything too oversized. The low waist of these dungarees can sometimes be unflattering, and can easily hide a beautiful figure, so be smart with your choices: don’t hide yourself away. A simple trick is to leave a little part of your body exposed, be it your legs or arms, to emphasise your frame.

Another denim favourite, which is a must have for spring, is her shoulder-less shirt. It’s easy, it’s breezy: it’s simple, perfect for a hot spring day! Due to its high neck, this shirt is easy to balance, and works effortlessly with miniskirts, so why not pair it with a sweet floral miniskirts, some light trainers and a backpack to get that ultra-cute look? This high neck also allows you to strip your hair back, letting it tangle on top your head in a loose bun, helping let some gorgeous earrings shine.

Rachel has shown us beautiful outfits, and we are all left feeling downhearted, thinking ‘how can I afford that?’ The truth is, our High Streets are filled with these beautiful garments! Follow the links throughout the article to help find some treasures for your wardrobe. And remember: be brave, be bold, be beautifully you.

Want more? Then why don’t you check out my other posts, you might find something you like!!

Love, Mair.

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Mini v Midi: The Battle of the Skirts

From decade to decade, we’ve seen mini and midi skirts bouncing in and out of fashion. The 1960s brought the mini to life as females rebelled across the globe, trumping the modest midi we’ve seen flourish between the trends. Now, fashion is reverting back to its old self, and we are obsessed with skirts, be it skater, mini, maxi or midi. But which is better?

Body types

Even though we long to explore every single skirt we desire, we are sometimes left heartbroken when our latest obsession doesn’t flatter our figures. But, there is the perfect skirt for every shape.

Midi skirts do wonders for a pear shaped woman, who’s bottom half thrives! The slight A-line of midi falls beautifully over your hips and thighs, and are kind not to cling to the part we sometimes wish to conceal, and they also help draw attention towards your waist. With this A-line cut, it’s often suggested to leave the top tight and light, helping add more illusion to your figure.

In addition, the hour-glass shape is paired beautifully with a midi skirt, either tight or A-line, helping once again emphasis your tiny waist and curves. If you’re feeling confident, don’t shy away from a form fitted skirt that will hug your body and leave heads turning.

If you are a banana shape, someone who’s hips, shoulders and waist are around the same size, then both a mini and a midi skirt could do wonders to your shape. A mini skater skirt would draw in your waist, and add illusion to your hips, whilst a tight midi skirt can elongate your body, helping you feel sexy and slim throughout the day.

The same idea about mini skater skirts and a flowing A-line can also be applied to an apple shaped woman. The key is to draw attention to the waist and allow your curves to speak for themselves, but be sure to never hide them away.

Note: Don’t let hight bring you down. Outfits are all about proportions. If you’re on the smaller side, just be sure to balance your outfit: If the skirt is loose, keep the top tight to avoid looking shorter. Know your body. If your upper half is small, then drop the waist of your skirt a little lower: if you have beautiful long legs, don’t be afraid to balance a mini skirt with some knee high boots! Don’t be scared to explore a variety of different skirts until you find the one perfect for you, just be sure to balance the outfit for the perfect look.


Over the years, our beloved skirts have been battered by stereotypes, leaving many shying away from their beauty.

I believe tight mini skirts have been labelled as ‘slutty’ or ‘provocative’, becoming solely associated with nightclubs and adultery, diminishing their beauty. But don’t be afraid. Paired with a simple printed tee, or a loose shirt can add both class and casualness to your outfit, allowing you to express your point of view without criticism. Gentle accessories, a simple pendent or bangle, a messy bun with a headscarf, or a sweet backpack can transform the stereotype and elevate your unique style even further.

Don’t shy away from prints and colours, just be sure to balance them with neutral components to perfect your outfit.

In addition, when I first began wearing midi skirts, I was labelled ‘old-fashioned’, and was quickly associated with a 1950s housewife. But a midi skirt can confidently speak a million words for you, showcasing your definitive style to the world. Rock it with a leather jacket and some boots, plait your hair and dance in a beautiful floral top, or pair it with some converse and a white logo tee: there are endless possibilities waiting for you to explore.

Just be brave!


Both mini and midi skirts have been painted with this season’s trends, and are perfect for any occasion.

A floral mini skirt can add a pop of colour to your outfit, and can be paired with any black top depending on the weather, be it a tank top and denim jacket, a sweet shirt or a simple tee and vans.

A stripy navy midi skirt can make us feel like we’re sailing. A white cropped top, or a red tee can do wonders to your outfit, and for the full experience, add a pair of anchor or shell earrings to your outfit to help keep you singing all day long.

A simple mini or midi can help your favourite shirt shine this season. Be it a peachy midi, or a neural mini, you’ll find these skirts to be the perfect component to your outfit.

And don’t forget about that polka dot trend! The perfect black and white polka dot skirt can be paired with almost any bright colour to add a pop of joy to your day!

But which is better? In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Personally, I prefer the flow of a sweet midi skirt, but would never shy away from a mini. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and don’t be scared of stereotypes and criticism. If you stay true to your own style, and walk with a bright smile on your face, who could possibly judge? Stay true, be you.

Here’s a few items of my clothing, styled how I would wear them!

(Sheer Shirt: H&M, Floral Mini: River Island, Stripy Skirt: H&M, Blue Cami: New Look, Peach Skirt: New Look, Cardigan: Tesco, Yellow Skirt: New Look, Gingham Skirt: Dorothy Perkins).
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Back to Basics: the importance of simplicity in your wardrobe


Image Credit: Mair Llewellyn. Top: H&M

We all strive to sprinkle a little extravagance onto our outfits, be it with a bright shoe or a vibrant skirt, but we often forget about the importance of simplicity in our outfits.

For each statement piece in our wardrobe, we need a soft component to balance our extravagance, in order to maintain allure without going overboard. This time of year, the shops are filled with eye-catching florals, stripes and polka-dots, and although these patterns are considered essential for your wardrobe, they can easily be over accessories. Sometimes, it is important to assure a balance to help one statement piece shine.

Luckily, our high street stores are packed with beautiful, yet simple, garments that can assist any outfit.

A T-shirt

These simple tees are often hidden within our wardrobes, and capture a moment or a quote that reflects our personalities. Be it a F.r.i.e.n.d.s t-shirt capturing our favourite moment from the show, or an uplifting quote or statement that brings a smile to our lips, they are an essential part of everyones wardrobe. Often, they are paired with jeans or a comfy pair of joggers: sometimes they even transform into our favourite pyjama top, but it’s important to remember how perfect they can be for your outfit. Pairing a simple tee with a statement skirt, or some beautiful wide-legged trousers this Spring can help add even more personality to your outfits, and can perfectly balance the loudness of your statement piece to increase allure. Even if the statement is a bright pair of earrings, or a gorgeous pair of heels, a t-shirt will bring even more dimensions to your outfit, and will leave you singing with glee throughout the day.


We aren’t all heel people, and sometimes we find it hard to find the perfect shoe to reflect our outfits, but the answer may be much more simple than first thought. Trainers, Converse, Vans-they can all blow a simple kiss onto your outfits. A bright shoe or glittery heels can do wonders for an outfit, but if you are seeking something comfortable that still illuminates your outfits, then don’t shy away from simplicity. A light pair of Converse can be paired beautifully with a statement midi skirt or a mini dress without taking away from the voice of your daytime outfit. Even a subtle blush or quiet pastel painted across your shoe can add a little simplicity to your outfit, and offer a cheeky wink to one of this seasons favourite trends.



Everybody loves to explore the wonders of jewellery and accessories, with bright earrings and statements necklaces dominating our social media feeds, however sometimes, minimalism is perfect. If you are a braving a colourful, or pattern-crazed top, remember to keep the accessories at bay. Studded earrings and a simple bracelet can still add that shimmering touch to your outfit without drawing the attention away from your favourite tee. Don’t be afraid of nude totes or shoes, they are perfect for helping your favourite piece sing loud above the crowds.

Always remember to balance. Sometimes, clashes are perfect and exciting, but don’t forget that some days, simplicity is all you need to keep you smiling and laughing throughout the day.

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Blazer it Up! How a Blazer Can Sprinkle a Little Joy onto your Outfit

With Spring all around us, we approach that awkward time or year, where one day we will be bathing in sunshine, and another we’ll be shivering under 18 blankets as the rain pours down on us. Coat season is slowly drifting away, but cardigans are yet to warm our bodies enough, so why not try a blazer or two?

Recently, I purchased a H&M dogtooth blazer and it has proven to vastly improve my everyday outfits, and has quickly become one of my favourite items!


Here’s why:

Its black and white colouring helps the blazer slip with ease into my wardrobe, creating beautifully combinations each day!

T-shirts: Most people embrace a simple tee, be it plain or splattered with a sweet  logo or catchy quote, but often it is hard to personalise it. Adding a simple black and white blazer will elevate the outfit, helping add a little more attitude to your style. You can pair it with black jeans for a sleek statement, allowing the blazer to become the vocal point of your outfit. Or, you can match it with a mini skirt, black or denim, to take you from day to night with the simplest change of the shoes.

Black shirt: Have an interview tucked up your sleeve? Or a classy date at some fancy restaurant? Then follow the traditional trend of shirt, blazer and sleek bottoms or skirt to impress even the toughest critic. (a tight black turtle neck could have the same effect, but make sure it’s a light material for extra comfort). On the other hand, following the mesh trend, a sheer black shirt beneath a blazer paired with some black skinny jeans can add attitude to your outfit, taking you from traditional to sultry, perfect for a night out.

Dress: Everybody loves a little black dress, so why not embrace one! A blazer and a dress have been a perfect match for years, and is a great way to keep stylish and warm this Spring! Be it maxi, midi or mini, a black dress can be worn for any occasion with basically anything! Leather jacket for Autumn, denim for Summer, so why not a blazer for Spring? A dogtooth blazer will perfectly match whichever style you desire, and can be paired with belts, necklaces, sunglasses or even statement earrings of every colour! (A bold pair and a bold lip would do wonders in the sunshine!)

Tip: Don’t be afraid to clash patterns. Black and white dogtooth can be beautifully paired with coloured florals, with a ditsy skater skirt, sweet trainers and some pig tails adding a cute twist to your outfit.

The cut and length of this specific blazer, which reaches just passed my hips, is perfect for a tight bottom, be it skinny jeans, an A-line or mini skirt. The un-tailored fit also allows it to fall comfortably over my hips, but with this cut it is important to ensure you don’t wear anything too oversized, unless you have a non-curved figure. With an hourglass shape, it is important to enhance your waist beneath the blazer with a belt or with nicely cute clothing to avoid appearing larger than you are! Another blazer type, cropped at the waist, for example, would elevate your figure splendidly, and would look incredible with a skater skirt or dress.

This blazer is also made of cotton, allowing it to embrace your body during those cool Spring mornings, but it is light enough to tackle the sunshine too. Light linen blazers would also be great for Spring time, and whilst silk may work, it could cling to your body causing discomfort throughout the day.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a statement blazer painted a bright shade to illuminate your day. This spring, lilacs, powdered blues, mints and a peachy pinks are dominating the racks, with usual Autumn favourites, burnt orange and mustard, also making an appearance this season! A bright blazer would turn many heads, just be cautious of over accessorising: let the blazer speak for your outfit.

Blazers are a perfect choice, and can be flattering on any figure. Just don’t be afraid, be confident in your fashion choices, and don’t shy away from the beautiful things you crave. Embrace patterns and colours, combine them with classic black and whites to help enlighten each and every day, and help you feel unstoppable this Spring!

Check out a little list of this Spring’s trends I created below, and be sure to click on the text to be transported to your trends!





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Midnight Wishes and Lipstick Kisses: part two


Feature Image

Tickle Me Pink

Pink lipstick is one of my summer-time favourites, why? Because it glistens beautifully in the sunlight, and gives us that ‘neon’ vibe. (If you’ve been following Love Island, you know what I mean!)

You can go big, go bright, or go subtle, which means pink is basically perfect for almost anything. (Expect maybe red; I’m still sceptical of that colour clash).

I personally love going bright, because why not? It adds a girly touch to my outfit, and often enhances the playfulness of my plaited hair. Pink lipstick is a statement in itself, so let it sing! Sometimes, it is good to let your lips be the lead singer, whilst your outfit sways perfectly in the background.

The beauty of pink is, you can gradually take it down, or up, to suit any occasion. You can keep it subtle for those cosy afternoons, or make it vibrant for those spontaneous nights on the town!

Remember, pink doesn’t mean girly! Break the cliche’s and match it with whatever you want, whenever you want! It can be a sweet; a childhood memory, or it can take you on a journey of new discovery. Just be brave when you wear it, then you’ll own the world!

Let’s Get Naked

Sometimes, it’s good to relax. A neutral lip and a little blush is all you need to conquer the day; especially when those days consist of watching romance films in bed with an extra large tup of ice-cream.

I also adore wearing a little neutral lip during those autumn months to match the subtle shimmer of my favourite beige/tan outfits. A neutral lip, with a tint of brown, can be the perfect contrast to those mesmerising autumn colours: plum, mustard and burnt orange. (Just remember to get a moisturising lipstick to stop those cool evenings from nibbling your lips).

Neutrals can be really fun too! Forget about the brights and the darks; a natural kissed lip is a perfect contrast to those glistening, brunette curls, and is delectable when you’re lounging on the beach! It’s also a beautiful shade for nightclubs, especially when our eyes are shimmering with a smokey shadow! (Having nude lips is also a great way to avoid those awkward, bright,  lipstick stains around your straw…it also hides that weird little smudge you get on your chin after a few drinks!)

Neutral lipsticks can also work well with prints, because they help balance out the elaborate patters or colours that are painted across your favourite dress! (But don’t shy away from experimenting with colourful lips too!)

However, the most important thing to remember when it comes to nude lipstick is getting the perfect shade; one that’s not too light, nor too dark! When searching, try and stay close to your natural lip colouring, and be sure the shade matches your complexion! You want to stand-out, not be washed-out! Remember, be brave, be bold, be you!

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Animal Print; Can I Like It?

Feature Image

Animal print has always been one of the only fashion trends I’ve refused to buy, but recently, I’ve been seeing the print transform into something more…Mair-able, and I’m starting to question if I can learn to love it!

What has left me wondering about animal print? Midi skirts!

Midi skirts are one of my favourite garments, as they combine sweet, youthful innocence with class and elegance, whilst they also transport us back to the beloved 1950s! With the increasing number of animal printed midi skirts I’ve seen over the last few months, I can’t help but be curious.

Almost every high-street store is selling, or has sold, an animal print midi skirt over the last few months, with a classic leopard print becoming a favourable choice. Paired with a simple black tee, these skirts can be transformed into whatever you want!

A black, silk, cowl-neck top and a killer pair of heels, and you’re ready for a big night out!

A plain shirt with minimalist, gold jewellery and a sweet handbag, and you’ll be strutting through the office like a boss. (or even a black turtleneck when those autumn months creep in).

An oversized jumper and a classic boot…did somebody say café day?

They work with almost anything, and can easily suit any style! It’s not only leopard print, either! A soft grey snake-printed midi has left my head spinning on more than one occasion too! Did some one say classy and sassy?

Both pieces are just simple enough to be worn casually, whilst still loud enough to glam-up your night! They are powerful and intriguing, which means they would look fantastic in anyone’s wardrobe; and on any girl with any figure!

To some up, I am falling for the animal print.

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